Introduction: Cheap Hammer Repair

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to days ago the head from my hammer came loose , and one day later it fell of . i am going to repair it because i originally made the hammer when i was 9 years old . and i think it is just a handy little hammer .

Step 1: File the Head

i used a big round-flat file to file of the most of the rust . this took me about 30 min but i think it was worth could really speed up this step by using a power sander.

make sure to use dust collection because you don't want to breathe in metal dust

Step 2: Sand the Head Smooth

i used a few grids of sand paper to clean up the marks that the file made .

Step 3: Gut the Grooves for the Spline`s

u used a hand saw to make 2 grooves in the upper part of the handle

Step 4: Make the Spline`s

i used i used a thin scrap of contrasting wood to make to spline`s

Step 5: Glue the Head on

i used some wood glue to glue the spline`s in

Step 6: Oil and Lacquer

i used some really cheap oil to finish the handle , than i used a few coats of spray lacquer to wrap this project up

thank you for looking to this instructable .

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