Introduction: Cheap Lodging Options Explained

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Hey hey! Lil Smokie here to explain to you what I think the internets best lodging secrets are! Recently on my cheapest flights anywhere instructable I was posed the question of cheap hotel deals. I spent some time gathering a bunch of information for the answer that I decided to turn it into its own instructable. So here you go great ways to find places to stay.

Step 1: Made Simple.

My first go to website and my favorite way to book hotels is After you search a destination city there are 3 tabs you can browse through. List view, name your own price, or express deals. I click express deals. From here you have the ability to search amienties or location. You cannot choose exactly where or what hotel you want but you can pick the location by clicking "view deals on map". Also the amenities and star ratings are available. They do add about $10 extra bucks on for taxes and fees to the price listed. After you select and pay for the room it will reveal the hotel. Anytime I have used this option it is always cheaper then what the hotel is priced at. Even on its own site. Also I have gotten some of the best hotels this way.

Step 2:

Another top site I LOVE to visit and check for hotels is travelzoo. They have a weekly top 20 travel deals. It is filled with worldwide deals, you can sign up for the weekly top 20 deals email. The top 20 deals are a list the site has complied of the internets top 20 travel deals for that week. So they are doing the leg work for you. When looking at the deals you will often go to a third party site to compete the deal because they are actually searching the entire internet for the best deals. The emails can be annoying but if a good deal comes up and you got some extra travel money why wouldn't you want to know about it.

Or you can browse the site when you are ready to purchase to find great deals on hotels that often come with freebies like breakfast or other credits. There are more then just hotel deals on this site it is good for tons of stuff. I have gotten cheap show tickets and other stuff from here.

Step 3: Groupon Getaways

Also sometime groupon has good travel deals as well. It is called groupon getaways. These deals some times come with freebies just like the travelzoo deals. I have gotten some really nice hotels for cheap using groupon getaways and travelzoo.

Step 4:

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