Introduction: Olive-Cado!! (Candida Free Recipe)

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Okay once again Lil' Smokie has done it...a wonderful Instructable for all of you out there.

Last year I went on the "Candida Free" diet. So I needed to get creative with my cooking skills. Candida Free Diet

I was also introduced to the Bullet Proof diet around the same time.Bullet Proof Diet

Since I couldn't eat gluten or most grains I needed an alternative to cereal in the morning for breakfast.

So I developed this delicious treat!

It is high in fats for your Brain and really gets me energized and focused in the mornings!

Step 1: What You Will Need

1 soft Avocado Health Benefits for Avocado

a handful of Black Olives-or any kind you prefer Health Benefits of Black Olives



Lemon or Lime Juice-optional for preservation if you aren't going to eat it all right away

Step 2: Slice and Smash Avocado

Slice avocado and remove it from it's skin.

Then smash it up in a bowl.

Step 3: Add Salt and Garlic

I find all you need is salt and garlic together they really enhance the flavor of the avocado.

Sometimes I add Cumin if I am going to use this on tacos.

I like to already have the Avocado smashed before I add the seasonings to ensure they get evenly dispersed.

Step 4: Add Olives

Next add the Olives of your choice. And mix them in.

Step 5: Enjoy!!

I generally eat this with the fork I make it with.

I also think it taste great with Corn Chips or Gluten Free Crackers made of ancient grains like quinoa and amaranth.

Sometimes I will plop it on top of eggs or dip my bacon right into it!

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