Introduction: Cheap (ugly?) Camera Mount for Motorcycle

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After trying a handlebar clip-on camera mount I could see the potential, but was unhappy with the camera shake "juddery" video.

-decided I needed some damping -looked at what was lying around, and came up with this. It works on a Suzuki GN250 and may be adaptable to other bikes. The camera is a Sanyo C6.

WIth the camera mounted here I am able to see when I have it turned on or off for video.

Step 1: Parts Needed

I used;

a rigid leg mini tripod with quick release thread mount

170mm length of hose needs an inside diameter to firmly hold a leg of the tripod (was probably failed hose for compressed air supply)

120mm length of padding(was probably foam rubber lagging for household water supply pipe)

lanyard with clip to keep camera attached to bike if things come adrift.

Only tool used was a box- / hobby- / cutter- / craft- knife to cut the hose and foam rubber

Step 2: Assembly

Push a tripod leg into the hose.

When this was pushed down the gap between the speedometer and the handlebar until limited by the back of the headlamp it appeared to sit about the correct position, but was too floppy.

I pushed the hose into the padding/lagging, then squashed it back down the gap where it held reasonably firmly.


Now detach the quick release thread/bolt from the tripod and screw it to the camera.

Lock the camera & bolt to the tripod.

Adjust for desired video angle.

Attach the lanyard to the handle bar(wrap it around a few times to shorten it) and clip it on to the camera.

Step 3: Conclusions

It works well, but I am happy to hear of ideas for improvement.

Showed no sign of coming loose on a 200km ride last Saturday, but will continue attaching the lanyard just in case.

Some types of hose may need a stiffener of some sort(wire, old knitting needle?) inside the hose, but the hose used here was about right.

Using the image stabiliser function (& wind noise reduction) when videoing may improve results.

Closeness to the ignition key can make it awkward to turn the ignition off.

Here are videos of handlebar mounted, hose mounted, & a clip from the open road ride.