Introduction: Cheaper Alternatives to EVA Foam Pepakura

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In This instructable ill show you some alternatives to eva foam that is quite expensive and sometimes hard to get in the UK

Step 1: Cardboard and Foamies

In my last instructable i shown you how to save hours using cardboard instead of paper for pepakura. The next step USUALLY would be to fibreglass and bondo. The cheaper option is to use foamies. Foamies in the UK can be found in £1 shops, and it took around 1 pack to do a clone trooper back piece. Using the same cutouts you used to cut the cardboard, trace it onto foamie sheets and then simply hot glue the foamie over the cardboard piece. Use your head at this point to join pieces of foam so that theres less lines in the finished piece. One complete it kind of resembles a clown clone but after a few coats of pva and paint it will look great!

Step 2: Foamies for Details

Using cardboard as a base i used foamies to cover the card to make a smooth surface. Then i added strips of foamies, a few pencils and some wire to create a robotic style arm. I try to use everything i can from around the house, saving bottle tops, batteries bits of plastic etc to add detail. Imagination is all you need

Step 3: Find Other Materials

Eva foam in the UK is quite expensive. So i use other materials as much as i can. Using eva will give the best finish to a costume, but as i only wear a costume for one or two nights a year i make them as cheap and as cheerful as i can, while still looking great. This ironman costume was made out of cheap camping mats costing £3.50 a roll.