Introduction: Cheese Shapes!

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Cheese and fun shapes, a combination destined for greatness.
Try this with almost any type of cheese, and with any shape you can think of!

With a little creative thinking this project can be something elegant like a festive cheese plate, or maybe you want something to help get your kids to eat more cheese. This kid-friendly project is simple and above all, fun!

Enough talk... let's cheese!

Step 1: Materials

Materials required:

Cheese (or cheese slices)
non-waxed floss (or a cheese cutter)
cookie cutters (the more variety the better!)

You'll also need some counter space, a fun way to display your new shapes, and a few hungry mouths doesn't hurt either.

Step 2: Cut That Cheese

Cheese is sometimes difficult to cut. Most cheese cutters use some kind of wire to slice as it has less surface area and will cause less friction when cutting, making it easier to slice.

I chose the low-tech option of just using floss. I suggest using non-waxed floss so it doesn't slip out of your fingers.
Gently indent the thickness of your slice on all four sides, then lie the block of cheese down and pull the floss through to complete the cut.

Of course all this can be avoided if you want to use packaged cheese slices. But don't. That cheese is garbage and is only good for throwing stars during food fights.

Step 3: Shapes

I used my mum's old cookie-cutters from waaaaay back. Just rummaging through her baking supply closet took me back to cold nights with warm cookies... mmmm.

Find your hidden supply of cookie cutters (don't be shy, I know you're hiding them somewhere). If you don't have any then you've forgotten your youth and how to have fun, you can ask your neighbour politely to borrow theirs.

There really are no rules here, you don't even need to use a cutter if you're creative with a sharp knife.
I wanted to use my dinosaur cutter but the slices were too small. No cheeseasaurus this time.

Step 4: Arrange Your Shapes

Here's where you can get creative.

Why not bring some shaped cheese to your next bar mitzvah, apiarist club, or photocopier party?

Pack a few fun shapes in your kids lunch, there is no more fun way to say yes to solidified dairy than fun shapes in tiny happy mouths.

Step 5: Leftovers

ummm.. really? You're going to have leftover cheese?

It's simple! Grab your favourite cheese cutting utensil and get slicing!

Happy making :)