Introduction: Quick N Easy Cheesy Veg Parcels

Today I bring you the recipe of another crispy and delectable appetizer called Cheesy Veg Parcels. The combination of cheese with the veggies is surely worth the craving. I make these veg pouches often as most of the ingredients used in making these pouches are handy and available at home. You can always change the stuffing and every time make these veg pouches with a new taste.

Step 1: Ingredients..

For this, you require..


mixed vegetables(chopped) of your choice, I used here sweetcorn, bell peppers- red and green, french beans 1.5 cup (As an alternate stuffing you can use paneer, peas, carrots, beans and potato mixture.)

samosa pattis (alternately you can use wanton sheets/spring roll sheets)

oregano (1/2tsp),

mixed herbs(1tsp),

chilli flakes(1/2 tsp),


grated cheese,

2 green chilies finely chopped

2 cloves garlic grated or 1/2 tsp garlic paste

You can simply mix and keep it covered or just mix everything together and saute in 1 tsp oil for 1.5-2 mins.

This stuffing can be made ahead of time, so you can just prepare the pouches and deep fry them when you like to eat them.

Step 2: Procedure..

Make the plain flour paste by mixing it with little water. Make sure that the paste is thick.

- Take the samosa patties, fold them in the centre and cut them into two bunches of thin stripes. Again, fold them into half and cut them. (for a neater effect, I used pizza cutter)
- Take one thin strip and apply the plain flour paste at the centre of the patty.

- Take another strip and stick it on the 1st strip, making a plus (+) sign.

- Take a tsp of the filling and place it on the strip. Flatten it slightly. Apply paste on other 3 sides as well.

- Start folding the strip. Begin from the lower strip and fold them bit tightly and press gently to stick it.

- If the corners are slightly open, apply the flour paste on the corners.Again re-check before deep frying make sure that the pouches are stuck properly otherwise they may open in oil.

- Start frying the patties immediately in medium hot oil,, turn down the heat to low..

- Once they turn golden brown in color, get the parcels off the flame on an absorbent paper. These veg parcels or pouches cook very soon so keep an eye and don’t overcook them.

- The delicious cheesy veg parcels are ready to be served.

Note: While assembling, make sure to cover the samosa patties and prepared parcels as they tend to dry out very soon!

Step 3: Dip..

I like to serve these veg pouches or parcels hot with coriander chutney or tomato ketchup. But this time I prepared a dip using- mayonnaise(3 tbsp), red chilli sauce (1 tsp), salt, mixed herbs, garlic paste(1 small clove), vinegar(1tsp).. mix well,, keep it covered and refrigerated till use..may top it up with chilli flakes or choped red chillies!

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