Introduction: ChessMaster 5000

The name of this prototype is ChessMaster 5000; The ChessMaster 5000 is supposed to help us have an idea of what it would look like to make an actual board either with wood or metal. We could also 3D print the board with this model.


Fusion 360

Step 1: Board

First, we have to make the board. This board is not like every other board, it is an uneven board. It is made of two different type of woods which makes it look like a black and white chess board.

Step 2: Making the Pieces

Now that we have the board we can make the pieces, first we made the Rook, then the Bishop then the King and Queen. The pawn was the easier piece to make but the harder on was the cavalier; I waited until the end to attack it. I still have some work to do on that piece but i was able to make it look decent.

Step 3: Finish Product

After the hardest piece was made, we can basically mirror our pieces to the other side and have a full board.

The file attached is the chess board prototype.