Introduction: LuMieres

For this project, I am going to put up some lights in my room. I am going to control them with an IR remote, I will have different modes where the lights do different patterns. So I will have the light respond to the luminosity in the room, i initially tried to have them respond to a loud clap, or music or have them respond to light sensor.


Neopixels, poster strip, IR remote, Arduino UNO, 5V power source

Step 1: Poster Strip

First thing I did was to put poster strip on the wall. This process was a tedious task but it will help have the loght stay on the wall without messing up the paint on the walls.

Step 2: Figure Out IR Remote Code

Never used an IR remote, so at first the receiver for my IR remote was not working so I had to get another one. Once I figure out the receiver it was time to actually have this remote working. Since I have never used this remote before I had to download the library first and find a practice code. When there is code in we can check it used by asking the serial monitor to print different things as we press different button.

Step 3: Code for the Lights and IR Remote Control

Find a nice pattern to provide great energy inside of my room. I had different functions for all these different patterns, then with a switch case I can call these different functions for each button I press.