Introduction: Seed Starter 500

First, I made a prototype with foam core and with that initial design I had a good idea what I wanted my final design to look. I change the size, I modified the place of the some holes. My prototype was cut using a laser cutter but so my final design.


Arduino mini, micro, uno



wood glue

lights sensor

Step 1: Cutting (using the Laser Cutter) an Painting

I edited a dxf file that I will attached to this project and I made some modification but in general it was the same idea, I then used a laser cutter in our lab to cut it.

When i had all the pieces cut, I then spray painted the whole box to give it a little more life.

Step 2: Adding the Lights

Working with neopixels can be hard when you are not putting them in straight lines. So I cut a few pieces of neopixels, used some wire and my very amateur soldering skills to connect all the pieces together. When i was done with that I then had to come up with the code that will work for my design. So basically the code is to tell the light to turn on whenever there no or little light detected by the light sensor. The code will be attached to this project.

Step 3: Putting Everything Together

Now that we have the box, the neopixels, the light sensor and the code working we can glue the box together and place all the components they belong as shown in the picture. Now we can observe the light lighting up whenever the sensor does not detect light