Introduction: Cheesy Chocolate Banana

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Hello Everyone!. Now, from my Instructables, i will upload a delicious recipe, how to make "Cheesy Chocolate Banana". And did you know?? The taste is super DELICIOUS!!!!!!. This recipe is one of inovations from banana.

This healthy food is super easy and really fast for make. This food is suitable as a dessert.

Do you want to make it?

Ok now, you just follow the instructions.

Step 1: The Ingredients Is

• The main Ingredients is Banana.
• Cheese
• Choco rice
• Butter
• And if you like it, you can using sweetened condensed milk for topping

Tools for make it:

• Flat Pan
• Plate
• Spoon
• Cheese grater
• Knife
• and any tools maybe you need.

Step 2: The Banana

Take the banana and squash it slowly , DON'T Brake it!!. after squash all of banana open the banana and take the banana.

Next we need to grill the banana, so you need to look the next step. :n)

Step 3: Grill the Banana

1. Turn on the stove and use a medium fire
2. Add butter to the pan and place the banana to the pan
3. Grill the banana and back and forth the banana using spoon
4. After the banana change the colors to golden color, take the banana and turn off the stove.
5. Place all of the banana to the plate

Next step is add the toppings!

Step 4: Toppings

1. Take the knife and cut the banana
2. Grate the cheese to all of the banana
3. Add choco rice to the top of the cheese
4. Next, Add again the cheese
5. If you want it, you can add sweetened condensed milk for topping

After all, The Cheesy chocolate Banana Is Finish and ready to served!!!

Thanks for look my works, I hope you enjoy my works!!

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