Introduction: Chevron Bracelet (adjustable Knot)

Here's a tutorial on how to make an easy chevron friendship bracelets in 10 steps.


materials required:

- sticky tape

- thread/embroidery

- scissors

- measuring tape

Step 1: Measurements

- First cut several strands of embroidery (I’m using 4 here). The more strands you use, the wider the bracelet.


- To create a bracelet that is 8 strands wide (like the one I demonstrated with)... Cut 4 strands, 60 inches long each for a SLIDING KNOT BRACELET

- 6 strand wide bracelet? Cut 3 strands - 50 inches each (or 6 strands, 25 inches each)

- 10 strand bracelet? Cut 5 strands - 70 inches each (or 10 strands, 35 inches each)

Step 2: Knot

- once you cut the strings for your bracelet, tie all your strings together in a knot at the very top. Leave as little space as possible at the top. Then tape your strings down to keep it still and in place.

Step 3: Braided/Twisty Cord (for Adjustable Bracelet)

There are 2 ways to make an adjustable knot;

- Braided: separate the strings into 3 section and braid it

- Twisty cord: separate the strings into 2 sections. Then go section by section and twist them (twist both the sections in the same direction). When twisting both sections twist them the opposite direction.

- The longer this is the lesser space for the bracelet so i did it for 4 inches. Once your done tie a knot to secure it. Im making my bracelet with the twisty cord adjustable knot.

Step 4: Arranging the Strings

- Spread the thread pattern like 12344321 (the left side should mirror the right side)

Step 5: Knotting the Left Side

- Start with the left most strand and make a knot by forming a 4 over the second strand.

- Then pull it under and through the hole.

- Tighten and repeat once more.

- You are going to form 2 knots over each strand moving from left to right until you reach the centre.

Step 6: Knotting the Right Side & Center

- Once you get to the centre. Stop.

- Move to the same coloured strand all the way on the right.

- This time you’ll form a backwards 4 knot over the strand next to it. (remember to create 2 knots for each strand)

- Work your way inward till you reach the centre.

- When the 2 strands meet in the middle, you’ll take the strand and do a backwards 4 knot in the middle. (remember to create 2 knots for the strand)

- After this just switch the left and right strands.

- Keep forming knots from the outside strands into the centre to create more rows (you’ll start to see “V” shape rows of colour forming.

- Continue forming knots till your bracelet reaches the desired length.

Step 7: Ending of Bracelet

- Finish the bracelet with a knot.

Step 8: Finishing Adjustable Knot of the Other Side

- Repeat "step 3” again. Once done tie your knot at the end to secure the braids/twisty cord and cut of the extra strand.

Step 9: Securing the Tails of the Bracelets

- Then line up the two cords/braids and tape it down so it doesn’t move.

Step 10: Square Knotting

- Square knot as demonstrated in the video above.

- Repeat the square knot 3 to 4 times.

- Then cut of the extra strings.

Step 11: Securing Ends of Bracelet (optional)

- Take clear nail polish to seal the edges so it doesn’t come undone.

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