Introduction: Chibi Link Plush

Simple Chibi plush tutorial.

I found the pattern for the basic outline on DeviantArt - See how I customized it to make a cute Link in the following steps!



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Step 1: Download the Template

From the previous link (No pun intended ;)))) - ((Not sure if that applies as a pun or not? haha))

Then print and cut it out

Cut off the arms and legs of the pattern. And also a triangle from the top of the shirt.

Step 2: Snip Snip

Then cut out all the pieces you'll need from felt

This is a chibi version so it's really basic with detail. You can chose to use brown straps across his body and white leggings instead of just doing the black boots. Up to you!

Step 3: Sewing

Grab the grey band and sew one strip onto the front

Do the same for the back body piece

Also you can sew on the triangle piece to the front of his shirt

Step 4: Sewing the Body

Next you'll need to grab your black thread and sew on each of the arms and legs

Use a blanket stitch to keep things neat - which means you'll be sewing with the plushie bad sides out

After you sew the limbs on, use black felt to blanket stitch around the outside of the arms and legs.

Then go around the whole plushie with green felt (Grey over the belt)

Leave the neck open so you can flip and stuff it later

Step 5: Head

Next get your two circles and blanket stitch around them.

Leave a gap so you can flip it the right way round

For the hair:-

I got scrap bits of yellow felt. You can cut chunks of triangles to make the hair or do it neater in larger chunks or deliberate jagged cuts. Up to you if you have left over or are using a new piece of felt!

Step 6: Face

After you've glued or sewn your hair on, use buttons or felt circles to make the eyes

Also back stitch a mouth onto the front

( I used white acrylic paint for the eyes)

Step 7: Stuff

Stuff your plushie head and body well :)

And use a hidden stitch to attach the two pieces together!

Step 8: Making the Hat

Use two pieces of felt triangles (I didn't even follow a pattern, I just cut two random pieces out. Just make sure it's longer than it is wider.

Stretch the bottom of the hat out gently using your fingers.

Pin the hat around the head so that it sits evenly around the entire head

Then sew a ladded stitch around the edges

Bend the hat down at a nice angle when it's complete :) - I tucked mine between the arm and the neck

Step 9: Making the Belt Emblem

I got a piece of sticky tape and yellow wool

I wound the wool around into a spiral until it made a circle around 4cm in diameter

I then took it off the tape (Which made it fluffy) - and added hot glue to the fluffy side

Then I just hot glued it onto the middle of the grey belt

Step 10: Finished

And that's it :D Thanks for watching! See the YouTube vid as well for a tutorial with cool music ;)

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