Introduction: Chibi Robo From Scrap

My first instructable is a request from my 8 years son. He is a fan of the Nintendo 3DS game Chibi Robo and asked to build together a statue of this funny robot. We choose to make it in standing position with articulated arms from scrap material.

Step 1: Collect the Parts and Tools

The aim was to use plastic parts and wood scrap, some parts were 3D printed, but can be found/made easily.

We have first searched a flower pot for the head. The one found in our garden was 130mm diameter, this size determined the scale (total height is 30cm). In fact the real one is only four-inch-tall.

Then we printed at the right scale the picture of Chibi Robo (PDF file attached), this helps to select the parts and to cut them to the right size.


  • Head : Plastic flower pot, diameter 130mm
  • Body : Aluminium can, the thin one, diameter 50mm
  • Bottom : Kinder egg box, big one
  • Head closure : 2 plastic covers, diameter 130mm
  • Body(internal) : wood scrap, diameter 50, rectangle 50x25mm, base plate 150x150mm
  • Hands : 2 plastic spoons
  • Arms & legs : Steel tube (diameter 10mm) from a baby gate, total length 60cm
  • Joint : 2 Hinges, 15mm wide
  • Tail : Electric plug + Bottle cap
  • 3D printed parts : eyes, knees and shoes


  • Metal saw
  • Utility knife
  • Cutting pliers
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill cutter: diameter 3/6/10,5mm
  • File
  • Wood rasp
  • Screw driver
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wood saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill


  • Glue
  • Silver spray paint

Step 2: Cutting and Drilling

First, be careful for cutting operation, especially for soft material, make sure the part is hold as much as you can during cutting.

Use a metal saw to cut the plant pot, the kinder egg, the steel rod and the hinges. The hinges are cut lengthwise. Reassemble them with original axis or M3 bolt & glue.

Use a utility knife to cut the can, then protect the cut area with tape to avoid injury.

Cut the plastic spoons with cutting pliers & utility knife.

A piece of 20mm plywood is used inside the can to hold the arms. Cut it to the right size with wood saw, round the upper corner to allow the part to go on top of the can. Drill 3 small holes :

  • 2 for for hinges tightening at the bottom
  • 1 for head tightening at the top

Then drill the corresponding holes in the hinges for shoulders.

A round piece of wood holds the legs and the bottom. Use a jigsaw to cut a the right diameter. Drill 2 holes for legs(10.5mm).

Position the bottom(Kinder) on the wood part then drill it with 10,5mm cutter through the wood part.

Position the bottom on the wood part then drill it through the existing holes(10.5mm).

Drill the bottle cap (6mm).

Cut one plastic cover with scissor to close the bottom of the head.

All the parts have to be deburred and slightly sanded to improve paint adherence.

Step 3: Assembly


  • Cut 2 pieces of cork, I used them to thicken the hands
  • Use hot glue to assemble hands/forearm/hinge for elbow/upper arm, the steel tube can be filled with hot glue before put the hinge inside


  • Glue the cut plastic cover and the eyes on the flower pot


  • Drill a small hole on top of the can. Cut the two sides of the can to allow the shoulder hinge to go across the can
  • Screw the head on the body
  • Screw the shoulder hinge to the plywood part inside the body
  • Glue the arms to the shoulders


  • Glue the round wood part with legs and bottom
  • Glue the 2 knees at the right height
  • Insert legs in the shoes
  • Glue the legs to the body


  • Cut the wire to the right length
  • Glue the wire in the bottle cap, then the bottle cap on the can

Chibi Robo is now ready for painting.

Step 4: Painting

Paint all the robot & the plastic cover with silver spray paint. Then use a black pen for the eyes. Paint the baseplate.

Glue the shoes on the baseplate.

Step 5: Completed

Your Chibi Robo is now finished.

He can help you cook, trim the hedge or hide candy in his head...