Introduction: Chicken Adobo

Like a few of my other instructible's, I am not the only person to make one about Adobo.

Quick history:

The people of Spain invaded and ruled the Philippines for over 500 years. In that time the country was highly influenced by the Spanish and adopted some of there culinary style, integrating it into their own culture. Adobo was served to both the very wealthy and poor alike. It is a well known dish and (if done right) is extremely savory and tasty. Adobo can also be defined as a marinade, however when prepared all the ingredients are typically boiled and then simmered in its own broth the entire time. In accordance with Wiki: "The practice is native to Iberia, namely Spanish cuisine and Portuguese cuisine. It was widely adopted in Latin America and other Spanish and Portuguese colonies, including the Azores and Madeira. In the Philippines, the name adobo was given by the Spanish colonists to an indigenous cooking method that also uses vinegar, which although superficially similar had developed independent of Spanish influence." Which makes sense.

The thing to remember about this meal is: despite the fact that your using vinegar and soy sauce, two very pungent and bitter flavors, during the cooking process those flavors when combined with the others over a long consistent period, will fuse into a truly delicious,and savory treat best served with plain white jasmine rice. Lets Do some cooking.

Step 1: Ingredients

Here's what you'll need:

1. One cup plain white vinegar

2. One cup low sodium soy sauce

3. Eight individual cloves of garlic (I've added more in the past)

4. Bay leaves

5. Black pepper corns

7. Chicken - I am kinda partial to dark meat but believe it or not, chicken with skin ends up tasting a little better. We are using skinless thighs and legs.

8. One Onion minced. ( we are using dehydrated Onions just because we got lots from bulk barn)

9. Two tablespoons of sesame seed oil (optional)

10. Cumin powder

11. One Big Pot to cook it all in

12. Jasmine rice

13. Rice cooker

14. Just a Teaspoon of ginger powder or fresh minced (optional)

Please be sure to read through the Instructable before making your attempt.

Note: Just as a slight disclaimer, this is how I learned to do it, this is what I use. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Step 2: Directions:

A) Pour the vinegar and soy sauce directly into your pot

B) Chop up all the veg and throw it in

C) Add the Garlic fallowed by the Cumin

D) Add the chicken

E) Now set the stove to medium, and pour in one cup of water, stir up all your ingredients and sit back for a bit.

F) Watch a movie or go do something but don't forget to check on it every half an hour to stir it. After the first half hour, go ahead and putt your rice in the rice maker so it'll be ready to serve with the chicken. For cooking rice see my Instructable on fish and rice. You can add salt to the rice or not. I don't for this meal because the sauce is all you need.

G) Cook the ingredients for a good hour and a half (1 1/2 hour or 1 hour and 30 minutes minimum). I sometimes cook it for two hours, if I want more of that savory taste.

Depending on the amount of food your cooking, you need to adjust the amount of sauce to accommodate, since this dish usually has you pour a teaspoon or two of the sauce, directly onto the rice.

Note: The reason why there is a minimum time is because if you take the chicken out too early, the meat may be cooked but the flavors may not have fused enough, which will make it taste very bitter. If you are new to cooking, you should not be doing this dish.

Step 3: Serve and Enjoy