Introduction: Chicken Feeder Under 10 Bucks

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Bulk feeder

Step 1: Things Needed

Piece of 3inch PVC pipe-5.50bucks
5-gallon bucket -2.50
Lid-1 buck
Elbow tee-1 buck
Cap end-.60

Step 2: Bucket Setup

Cut hole in bucket
Make sure you do at edge of bucket
So feeder will be protected from rain or snow

Step 3: Feeder Spout

The black abs piping connection was on sale at lowed 80 percent of that's why I used it
Other wise I would have bought a cap for the bottom

Step 4: PVC Pipe

3 inch
Seem to be a good size was going do 4 inch

Step 5: Slide Pipe Into Bucket

Slide pipe in hole and connect connector so pipe don't move from bucket

Step 6: Feeder Complete

Step 7: P and B Feeder

Works great
Less than 10 bucks in it

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