Introduction: Chicken Swing

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Chickens are terrific pets. One of the many reasons they are so much fun includes the fact that they are curious creatures. Unfortunately, when chickens get bored, they tend to pick on each other. It's important to keep them busy. A simple addition to any coop is a chicken swing. A company called Foul Play Products manufactures and sells a high quality swing (made in the USA). I encourage you to visit their site HERE. They have a unique design that allows the natural perching action of the chicken to actually pump the swing.

It's a two step process... building the swing and mounting the swing.

Step 1: Find a Branch

Wooden Branch
Hand Saw
Drill (for pre-drilling holes)
Bungee Cords (x 2)
Chain or Rope (length will vary)
"S" hooks
Lag screws with eye (x 2)
  • Find a branch for the chickens to grab onto. The branch should be between 16" - 24" long and have a diameter of 1" - 2". The branch does not need to be perfectly straight.
  • Cut the branch to size. Trim off any broken or pointy bits.
  • Optional: Shave off bark.

Step 2: Add Hardware to Limb

  • Pre-drill holes at each end of the branch (match the size of the hardware you have).
  • Make sure to stop and smell the cedar.
  • I used 3/4" x 4.5" lag screws with an eye. Why not attach the chain/rope directly to the swing? I find the extra hardware helps with the swinging action and also helps keep the swing more stable for when the chickens hop on and off.

Step 3: Add Bungee to Hardware

"S" hooks were used to attach the bungee cords to the lag screw eyes. The stiff bungee prevents the swing from over-swinging.

A second branch can be used approximately 24" above the swing to prevent the swing from twisting.

Step 4: Mount the Swing

Hang the swing and enjoy watching your chickens have fun. It's good to introduce the swing when they are young so that they know what to do when you move them outside.

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