Introduction: Chicken Wire Picture Frame

Do you ever get SUPER annoyed with invitations and cards smothering your refrigerator?

A chicken wire picture frame is a simple, easy solution to clearing off your fridge.

Step 1: Supply List

What you will need:

1. Picture frame(I bought mine at Michael's for $25.)

2. Chicken Wire( I used 20 gauge chicken wire but you can use whatever size works best for you.)

3. Hammer

4. Wire cutters

5. Sawtooth hangers(purchased at Home Depot for $4.)

6. Spray paint or paint(I used spray paint.)

7. Staple gun

8. Clothes pins(I bought mine at Michael's for $1.99.)

9. Nails

Step 2: Paint Your Frame

Spray paint or paint your frame.

*I used Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Paint and Primer Spray paint in gloss white.

Step 3: Cut Your Chicken Wire

Once your frame is dry (I waited 24 hours), take your chicken wire and use your wire cutters to cut the wire to fit your frame.

Step 4: Staple Your Chicken Wire

After your wire is measured to fit your frame, take your staple gun and staple the wire to the frame.

*Once I stapled the wire to my frame, I used my wire cutters to cut any excess wire off the edges of my frame.

** I also used my hammer to hammer down any pieces of wire that were sticking up.

Step 5: Attach Your Sawtooth Hanger

Once your chicken wire is attached and trimmed, find the top of your frame.

After finding the top of your frame, use your hammer to nail in your sawtooth hangers.

Step 6: Hang Frame

Hang your wire frame to the wall with a nail and hammer. Use your clothes pins to attach items to your frame.


Voilà!! You now have a chicken wire frame to hang invitation, cards, etc.