Introduction: Children's Leather Dice Pouch

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My children have a different selection of dice for certain games they play and some which they invent. They have been sitting loose in a drawer and are sometimes ever elusive when you need or want them so I thought that this would be a nice opportunity to create something to store them in.

We were watching a popular Disney movie with a certain character that steals from the rich and gives to the poor and they liked the idea of having an old leather pouch to keep their treasures in, this was the inspiration for this project.

Step 1: Material and Tools

I recently ordered some leather off cuts from material from a sofa to make a few leather strops for my chisels and knifes and I noticed a decent sized brown piece I put to the side in case a project which required some leather was to arise.

Material and tools:

Small piece of leather,



Hole punch,

Something round or a compass (pen on a string).


Small piece of wood,

Pen Knife

Sand paper

Hand drill.

Step 2: Marking and Cutting

First I found something which was close to the full size of my leather and drew around it to give me a full circle. You could use a compass if you can not find anything which is close to the correct size, I just got lucky. I cut the circle out, this will be the pouch to hold the dice.

Once this was done I cut out a straight and long piece from another similar coloured piece of leather which I will use as the string to keep it tied shut.

I then arranged my dice into the middle of the pouch and held it shut loosely in my hand to give me and idea of where would be best to punch the holes to take the string.

Step 3: Punching, Thread the String and Toggle

Once I decided the inner circle size I marked out the location of sixteen holes which I done by deciding the spacing of the first few holes and continued that until it had gone full circle. This looked fine to the eye so I went ahead and punched out all sixteen.

I then threaded the leather tie all the way around. By this point this simple project looked like it was starting to take some shape.

Step 4: Wooden Toggle (optional)

For this project I wanted to make a wooden toggle to accompany the pouch. This is optional as you can easily make one out of some of the excess string you could have cut and used it to make a free sliding stopper knot around the two ends of the leather tie.

I had a small piece of wood which had some nice figure to it so I got out an old drill bit which has a handle fitted to it and used this to drill out a 5mm hole through the piece. You could use a drill press or hand drill for this step and it would be quicker but I used what I could outside as it had been a nice day. I then started to carve the shape with a pen knife and finished it off with a light sanding going from 80 grit to 150 grit

Step 5: Finishing Touches and Gameplay

All of the hard work was done (which wasn't really that hard) and all that was needed was to add the toggle and tie a simple figure of eight with both ends of the tie.

Later that day I gave it to my children who were chuffed that they would no longer have to hunt for a D100 or their favourite D4.

This project couldn't have taken more that a hour to do (this Instructable probably took longer to write) and was super simple. I hope this Instructable was helpfully and that others will enjoying making their own pouches and sharing them with us all.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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