Introduction: Children's Playmat Bag

Have you ever been frustrated by your children's toys be scattered all over the floor? Have you ever stepped on a toy that made you mutter several words that would earn you a time-out? The Children's Playmat Bag is a quick solution to get those toys up off the floor - and it is so easy your kids can do it themselves!



Wooden skewer or metal clothes hanger

Sewing machine or needle and thread

String or para cord (length will depend on your project, this tutorial is using a 20 ft para cord)

Old blanket or fitted sheet

Step 1: Sew Hem

Sew a hem all the way around your old blanket or sheet. The hem should be wide enough to accommodate your chosen string.

Step 2: String It Up!

Using your wooden skewer or metal hanger push your string through the hem you just sewed around the blanket.

Step 3: Cut Spare Length

Once you have pulled your string through the hem cut off any extra length (leave about 6 inches) and tie a knot at each end to prevent the string from being pulled out of the blanket.

Step 4: Use It!

Lay your blanket flat on the ground where your child will be playing.

Step 5: Playmat to Bag Transformation

When your child is done play simply leave the toys on top of the blanket and pull the strings tight which will form a bag. Voila! Quick, easy cleanup and portability!

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