Introduction: Chilled Mango Milk Pudding

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"If summer had one defining color ,it'd definitely be the yellow color of ripe mangoes!". yellow is the third colored arc of rainbow. It represents hope, cheerfulness, sunny days and optimism.

I belong to Kerala where over than 100 varieties of local mangoes are available.I have made chilled mango milk pudding many times and I'm obsessed with how yum it is! my family is also a great fan of chilled mango milk cake.

mango isn't just about it's luscious texture ans sweetness it also build our immune system by building our white blood cells ( WBC ) .mangoes are packed with good amounts of vitamin A and C also it is rich in calcium,potassium and phosphorus. May this yellow color make your day hopeful..

In this instructable I'm going to share the recipe for chilled mango milk pudding as well as the tips and tricks to get best results.I'm sure you'll fall in love with this once you try it out.



  • Sweet mangoes- 4(medium size)
  • Bread slices-8
  • powdered sugar-5 to 6 tsp (20 g- 25 g)
  • chilled milk-350 ml
  • evaporated milk-150 ml
  • fresh cream -130 ml
  • heavy cream-100 ml / whipping cream powder
  • vanilla essence-7to 8 tsp

note:These amount can be varied according to your needs.


  • Hand blender/Electric blender
  • knife
  • mixer Grinder
  • bowls
  • spoons
  • pudding tray


Finely chop 2 mangoes ,in that add 1 tsp powdered sugar and 2 tsp evaporated milk mix it well and keep aside.

TIP-Evaporated milk is available in stores however if you do not find it,make it yourself!! to make evaporated milk,boil regular full fat milk stirring it every 5 minutes until it reduces to half the quantity.This process removes 50%-60% of the water from the milk making it slightly thicker and tastier than before.


Blend 2 mangoes in a grinder machine and add both kinds of milks(chilled milk and evaporated milk),add 3 table spoon of sugar and blend it again .


Dip the bread in mango milk sauce and place it on a pudding tray as a base .Then put the chopped mango mix on top of the bread and then again dip the mango in the mango milk sauce and layer it on top of the chopped mango pieces pour some more sauce on top and kept it in refrigerator until our next step is completed.

TIP:you can also use any sponge cake or any store bought cake.This is the easiest version using bread and believe me... it tasted awesome!!


Take heavy cream and blend it using hand blender then add two tsp powdered sugar and mix it well, add one tsp mango sauce(optional)and 7 to 8 drops of vanilla essence ,then add fresh cream and blend the mixture well.

TIP:you can use whipped cream powder instead of heavy cream if you want to make heavy cream, for making 1 cup of heavy cream, mix 2/3 cup of whole milk with 1/3 cup melted butter. Really, it is that simple

Step 6: CHILL IT!!!

spread the cream evenly on the top of prepared layer of bread and sauce(take it from fridge) .Add some chopped mangoes over it and refrigerate it for at least 4 to 5 hours.

Step 7: HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

let's enjoy the yummy chilled mango milk pudding together with your family ..Don't forget to enjoy this with mango milk sauce..( Pour the mango sauce over it).. Enjoy 😋😋😋😋😋

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