Introduction: Cement Art

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We all love painting. Painting can be very relaxing and calming.What about making an incredible painting using cement. "All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction and a vision in your mind"- One of the famous quote by Bob Ross.

In this instructable I'm going to share the steps for making a beautiful cement art. I hope that you will enjoy this..

Step 1: Supplies

  • Cement
  • Cardboard
  • Glue( here I'm using fevibond and fevicol)
  • Acrylic paint/fabric paint
  • Painting brushes (25 mm brush and flat brush)
  • Rope(2mm diameter)
  • Buttons

Step 2: Canvas Making

for making the canvas I was looking for carboard pieces and found out an Amazon packaging that I bought 2 weeks ago. So here I used that Amazon cover... 😍

Cut out 2 rectangles. One having length 25 cm , breadth 17 cm and another having length 22 cm and breadth 15.5 cm. Then paste the smaller rectangle over the larger one.( here I used Fevibond glue ) you can use glue gun also.(The measurements for canvas can be varied according to your ideas)

Step 3: Frame Making

For making the frames I used newspapers.Take a newspaper piece and roll it using pencil/pen.Glue the ends firmly so that the roles are secured. ( here I used Fevicol) . Make 4 rolls and cut the rolls as per the length of the canvas.Then glue it to the 4 ends of the Canvas ( used Fevibond)

Step 4: Outline the Scenery

Draw the outline of the can choose any scenery as per your wish. After outlining the scenery, cut the rope into small pieces and glue it to the outline of tree using Glue gun /Fevibond.then paste the buttons as the branches /leaves of tree.

Step 5: Using Cement

Make cement mix by mixing water with cement. Don't forget to make the cement mix little thicker. Then paint the scenery with cement.Here for making the sun little real after painting with cement, I just used a bottle cap to get an circle with little depth.

Step 6: Painting🎨

After drying the cement mix . Paint 🎨the scenery according to your ideas. Here I first used black acrylic color and then painted whole scenery. Around the sun I use red+yellow color, for the tree I used red+ black(brown) and for the leaves and small bushes I used green+yellow color. And for the waterfall and sky I used blue can use any colors .

The beautiful painting using cement is completed. Let's do it at your home.make an inexpensive beautiful painting using cement.

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