Introduction: Chinese Green Onion Crêpe With Honey Soy Glaze

Would you like to learn a simple recipe that is both distinctly Chinese, yet unique and not found in recipe books? This simple 5 minute recipe is perfect for you to try! This is a mild and savory Chinese style crêpe contrasted with a rich, sweet honey soy glaze. It is surprisingly filling, and cheap and easy to make. It is also something that will please both people who do not normally eat Chinese food and people who live on traditional Chinese cooking.

I have had the opportunity to spend a number of months in Asia, particularly Taiwan, Hong Kong and Eastern China. One concept that I found very fun was Asian fusion foods. I had previously considered fusion foods to be a modern western concept of cross culture food, yet I learned that this has been done for many many years in Chinese culture. The most unique fusions I found in Taiwan, a beautiful country that is a Chinese cultural fusion in itself. It is simply amazing how Chinese cooking is still developing, yet keeping in touch with its traditional heritage.

A common treat in Chinese culture is having a crêpe, and many styles! Both traditional European and fusion are made. This recipe for a green onion crêpe is a creation of my own, inspired by the breakfast items of the green onion pancake, and the green onion egg wrap. This fusion is very much in the spirit of Chinese cross cultural dishes, and will hopefully give you insight on how many unique Chinese foods still being created today.

I will show you how to make this crêpe, but please use your own creativity to enhance it. You can put many things inside this crêpe to your liking! Savory meat, flavorful vegetables, fresh seafood! Let your imagination take this recipe even further!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

Everything you need is pictured here. For this recipe, I will show you how to make a single batch. A single batch will make you 3 nine inch crepes. Double or triple the amounts for larger batches.

Green Onion Crêpe:
2 eggs
1/2 cup flour
3/4 cup water
1 Green Onion Stalk
2 tablespoons chinese BBQ sauce. Available in an Asian food store.
Salt to taste (You probably won't want much salt since the soy glaze will be salty)

...and anything delicious you would like to put inside your crêpe!

Soy Glaze:
3 tablespoons honey
3 teaspoons soy sauce

Equipment used:
9 inch flat skillet pan
Measuring Cup
Measuring spoons
Mixing spoon
Heat resistant Plate

Step 2: Make Your Glaze

You want to have your glaze ready before you begin making your crêpe. Crêpes are best when very hot and fresh. Good thing making the glaze is super simple.

Just gather a dish and stir your 3 tbs. of honey in with 3 tsp. soy sauce.

A quick word about soy sauce. The nicer quality sauce you use, the less salty it will taste. A high quality soy sauce is not very salty at all, but regular Kikkoman or a standard soy sauce will be very salty. Try to balance the saltiness you put in the crepe with the saltiness of your glaze. If you do not know your soy sauces, go to an Asian grocery store and get a recommendation. For good price and good quality, I recommend Kimlan.

Also, if you don't want to make your own glaze, you can buy some at the Asian Grocery store. I highly recommend the Wan Ja Shan sweet soy glaze. I put a picture of it up. It has a less sweet flavor than the honey soy glaze.

Step 3: Cook Your Crepe

Mix the eggs, flour and water in a mixing bowl. Now add your Chinese BBQ sauce and mix it in very well. Last, slice your green onion and stir gently.

Then grab your skillet pan and coat it generously with sesame oil. This is a flavorful oil that will help bring out the savory flavor of the onion. If you don't have sesame oil, you can substitute olive oil.

Set the pan to a medium-high heat and let it warm up for only a minute before spreading a thin coat of the batter across the entire pan.

Now let the batter cook until the top of the crêpe looks to be solidifying. Since we are not cooking a traditional crêpe, we will be frying both sides to get that deep browned texture that is traditional to Chinese frying.

I found the easiest way to flip something so big without it folding over is to shake the pan until the crêpe comes loose, then I slide it on to a heat resistant plate. Then I flip the plate over on top of the pan and pull the plate away. I am left with a perfectly flipped crêpe.

Let the other side fry until browned and put on a plate for folding.

Step 4: Prepare the Crêpe for Serving

Now it is time to add the final touches to your crêpe. If you want to add any fillings, now is the time. Add a thin layer of whatever ingredients you want to the center of your crêpe.

Now fold your crepe in half, and then fold in half once more. You can now drizzle your soy glaze over the Crêpe. Wow! Good Job! It looks delicious!

You can eat it with Chop Sticks if you have the ability. Otherwise a fork and knife is just fine.
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