Introduction: Chirote- Crispy Snack

Chirotes are very crunchy-crispy snack item.. You can make them either salty or sweet.
Here i have made them salty.
for making them you will need
-All purpose flour 1 cup
-1/4 cup semolina (little bit crushed on mixer/grinder)
-2-3 tbsp butter
-2/3 tbsp all purpose flour
(i know already i have noted all purpose flour in ingredients, but this is for making paste)
-salt (if you are making salty version)
-Powdered Sugar (if you want sweet version)
-water (for making dough)
-oil / ghee ( for frying)
-food colors

Step 1:

for dough-
take 1 cup all purpose flour, 1/4 cup crushed semolina and salt (only in salty version).
add 2 tbsp hot oil (it makes chirote crunchy)
mix it with spoon
then add water
make a smooth dough, consistency should be such that you should be able to roll it with rolling pin.

make 7 small equal parts of that dough. in 4 parts add pink color, in 2 parts add green color and in remaining 1 part add yellow food color.
mixing food color in dough evenly is little tricky part.

then keep this dough in plastic wrap for 2 hours.

Step 2:

make a paste of 2-3 tbsp room temp. butter and 2/3 tbsp of all purpose flour ( you may use rice flour or corn flour)

Step 3:

after 2 hrs..
roll yellow dough with the help of rolling pin
when it is sufficiently flattened apply paste on entire area as shown in picture.
then make a roll of it.

Step 4:

now roll 4 pink dough balls using rolling pin..
place 1 pink flattened bread and add paste on it.
place another pink flattened bread on top of it.
again apply paste on it. n put another pink flattened bread on it.
repeat procedure.. on all 4 pink flattened breads.
on forth one also apply paste.
on this pink flattened bread pile keep yellow rolled bread.
and roll entire bread as shown in picture

Step 5:

roll green dough ball using rolling pin
here also do green flatten bread + paste + green flatten bread + paste
as we did with pink ones
then on this put pink roll
and roll entire bread

-if you don't  want to follow concentric color pattern you may put these colored flattened bread one on another with paste in between.and then make roll of it.

Step 6:

cut small pieces form the roll.
using rolling pin slightly flatten them

then fry them in oil.. ( you may fry them in ghee)

here chirotes are ready (salty version)

for sweet chirotes- when fried chirotes are cooled, dip them into powdered sugar and cover them with powdered sugar..
you may also dip them in sugar syrup