Introduction: Chocolate Cake in Pressure Cooker

Tried something today.

Thought to share it.

Step 1: Ingredients

for cake batter.

Maida ( all purpose flour) 1 and 3/4 cup

Sugar 1 and 1/2 cup

Cocoa powder 3/4 cup

Milk 1 cup

baking powder 1 and half teaspoon

baking soda 1 and half teaspoon

salt half teaspoon

vanilla essence a few drop

oil half cup

hot ( boiling) water half cup

two eggs

for icing

300 grams sugar

170 grams butter ( unsalted)

200 grams cooking milk chocolate

Step 2: Mix All Your Wet Ingredients

in the bowl of sugar add

vanilla essence



now whisk well.

add milk.

Step 3: Mix Your Dry Ingredients

In a strainer put,

Maida ( all purpose flour)


baking powder

baking soda

cocoa powder

strain well to avoid lumpsand mix with spoon

Step 4: Add Dry Ingredients Into Wet Ingredients

with help of a whisk mix the dry ingredients into wet ingredients with help of folding technique to avoid lumps.

add your boiling water ( this makes your cake moist)

Step 5: Cooking

In a cake pan ( or any metal tin) place butter paper with help of butter ( greasing it)

now add your batter. ( 3/4 full)

If your using steaming pressure cooker, place your cake pan on top of the grill present inside.


place a metal container upside down in side any other pressure cooker ( simpler one) and place your cake pan on top of it. ( this helps to avoid direct heat)

close your lid but don't place the pressure nozzle ( you don't water the water vapors to be trapped inside the pressure cooker.

cook of high flame for 5 minutes ( if your stove is numbered cook on number 5)

after 5 minutes cook on medium flame for 30-35 minutes ( if your stove is numbered cook on number 3)

1= low

2= low medium


4= medium high

5= high

if your cake is still not cooked ( ur knife don't come out cleam after inserting) keep cooking on medium flame for extra time ( checking after every 5-7 minutes)

once cooked. Let it rest for 5 minutes. then let it cool down on a grill.

Step 6: Bonus.

for slicing perfectly... watch a video ...

link will be posted soon.