Introduction: K&N’s Burger Patty (copycat)

Hello everybody. Today I’m going to share with you a story, more like a desire which I had been hiding in my heart for almost 5 years now. I am a Pakistani living in India. Pakistan and India are almost same. But there are some things which I can only associate with Pakistan. These things are those which can’t be replaced in India.
1. On the topmost priority my family
2. Reena’s kitchen cake
3. gelato affairs dark chocolate cake
4. and lastly but the most important one K&Ns frozen products.

Step 1:

For video 👇🏻

Either buy the minced chicken or buy the boneless meat and mince it at home.
TIP* If you are mincing at home, mince the thighs first and breast afterwards.
This way your meat of thighs will be more finely minced as it is with more fats.

Add all the above mentioned ingredients.
Mix them well.

Mince them once again in a food processor.
Make 50-80g balls of this meat. (Makes 25-31 balls)
oil your hands to make the discs using a lid which is same size as your burger or sandwich bread.
TIP make sure to oil your lid as well.
And add a cling wrap on your storage trays.

Tip If you still can’t handle these patties as they are very runny. Add 2tb of corn flour and 4 tb of APF. Or you may place these patties mixture in fridge for a few minutes to handle it better.

Using a Lid shape your balls into discs of patty.
freeze these for 3 hours.
During these hours make the glueing agent.
3 scoops of APF
1.5 scoop of cornflour
1 scoop of rice flour ( just grind them into a fine powder)
1/2 tb black pepper
1/2 tb salt
2 eggs
mix them all, and add water to make a batter like pancakes.

for the bread crumb coating.

grind 3 breads ( you may use more)
1tb rice flour ( use less if you don’t like to much crunchy coating)
1tb corn flour mix.
coat your cold patties in glueing agent and then in the bread crumbs.
You can freeze them for up to 15-20 days. Make sure to Let them freeze for a day before frying.

for frying.

Make sure you deep fry them at a temperature of 150 for less then 6 minutes.
Temperature changes according to climate so you may vary them.
you may also use a food thermometer to see it it’s cooked
if the thermometer temperature is above 92 degree Celsius of the just cooked patty.
If it has slightly cooled down and the temperature is 76. It is perfectly cooked.

Step 2: Now Let’s Make a Simple Sandwich

Add slices of cheese over the hot patty. Place it cheese side down on the sandwich bread or burger. Top it off with more cheese tomato slices, cucumber slices and or lettuce and mayonnaise. Finish it off with another slice of sandwich bread and toast it both sides to let the remaining cheese melt. Yummyyyy.
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