Introduction: Stove Top Zaatar Manakeesh

There was this spice which I bought from Dubai. And let me tell you it was not an easy spice. Not everybody is a fan of Zaatar.But I was the exception.I would never say no to something I never tried. Hence my hunt for the perfect recipe continued. I wanted to incorporate zaatar in manakeesh.But the thought of using yeast always put me off. For days I have been trying to understand how I could make my own flat bread and my desire to make that cheese pull. I knew I had to do it big or should simply stop trying at all.
Putting zaatar is in Manakeesh was something everybody was doing in fact it was part of the Levantine cuisines. A favourite spice, be it mezze or any other platter. I didn’t had an oven . But I didn’t like that to crush my small goal of making a dish. Few days back I made a matar kulcha an Indian Street delicacy.
That kulcha was good.
It was fat, soft and the best part was it could be cooked right on your stove.
There was no need of an oven.And then it struck me!I could use that recipe and make a flatbread using zaatar and cheese. I won’t lie to you the heart idea came through instructables contest.Since Valentine’s Day I was thinking to make something in the shape of heart.
But certainly I didn’t wanted something that would represent the very obvious bakery items or the heart shaped cakes or the traditional red colours for the Valentine’s Day.I wanted something that would represent me on this particular day.
all the points fitted with each other perfectly and I had a passion that I was sure would wake me up at 4 in the morning to make my dough.


You need
All purpose flour
Baking soda
Baking powder
Butter melted
Olive oil
Nonstick pan with lid
Pizza cheese

Step 1:

For the measurements and tips and tricks please visit my blog.

Step 2: Lets Make the Heart Shape.

You need to rest this dough for 2 hours.
Don’t use dry flour to manage this dough. It’s better to use hands and oil the area so the dough won’t stick. Flatten the dough with your hands and add cheese. Roll a ball making sure cheese is inside. Continue to make heart shape. You may see the pictures for illustration. Make sure to wet both sides after you make the heart shape. Use oil to stick the Zaatar on top of the dough.

Preheat your nonstick pan. Place the bread (non Zaatar side down.) add your choice of fat ( olive, butter. )
turn it over once slightly browned. Add a splash of water and cover right away to create steam. Once browned from both sides serve.
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