Introduction: Chocolate & Peanut Butter Dessert/Snack Sandwich

I think everyone can relate to wanting something fast that helps settle that sweet tooth. If you happen to have bread, peanut butter, and some left over frosting these might just hit the spot. Toasted chocolate and peanut butter sandwiches are both sweet and can be filling- the best of both worlds.


Frying pan

Butter- or substitute

Bread of choice

Peanut Butter - or substitute

Chocolate frosting or chocolate chips

Step 1: Heat the Pan, Grilled Cheese Style.

Start with heading a frying pan, I use cast iron on a gas stove on about medium high. The goal is to toast the sandwich nicely on the outside, for that I put butter directly on the pan, but buttering the bread itself also works.

Step 2: The Good Part/The Cooking

The picture isn't best, but similar to the classic PJ&J- Peanut Butter on one side, Chocolate Frosting on the other. I usually do thicker layers if the bread is thicker to keep the ratio of tastes the same. I imagine that things like Nutella would work similarly, but because of allergies I haven't tried it.

OPTIONAL: Banana slices in the middle, adds more of a variety of flavor and makes it so you can pretend it's healthier. I didn't have bananas on hand, but I'm sure that ya'll don't need pictures for that.

Place the sandwich on the frying pan, the amount of time really depends on the heat and pan you're using. Once the underside is brown, flip it. If you've made grilled cheese before, you're probably a pro already.

Step 3: Results

For the sake of this, I cut it in half although usually I don't- it's really up to personal preference. But doesn't it look good? The outside is crisp and a little buttery, the inside soft and warm. It's the perfect balance.

Now for the alternate version.

Step 4: The Other Version

If Chocolate Frosting isn't something that you can just pull out, chocolate chips might be. For this version I put thinner layers on both sides and sprinkle however many chocolate chips feel right. The peanut butter melty, the chocolate almost running out the side.

Now that the directions are done, it's time for the story. When I was little and we had leftover chocolate frosting my mom would always make me a sandwich like these(just not toasted). I absolutely loved it, and so when I moved to college I remembered them, and of course was stress eating sugar. So I decided to toast them and add bananas when I had them. It made me feel like I had eaten something, while also getting rid of the pop-tart craving. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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