Introduction: Treasure Map- Reusing Paper Bag

It's always fun to pretend that you have a map to something amazing. SO many adventure movies and books have treasure maps and clues as a main part, and we all wish we could be in on those adventures. Even if it's not quite as cool as an old map leading to treasure, this map is fun and easy to make- and it has endless possibilities for what it could lead to, how you can get there, if it's real or imaginary, and what you find along the way.


Paper Grocery Bag

Sharpies, pens, and/or markers in desired colors



A good story

Step 1: The Unfolding, and the Planning

For this I removed the paper handles and separated the seam going down the side of the bag and the ones at the bottom to make it flat. It's okay if the bag gets kind of ripped, it adds to the old look of the map.

Next, make a plan for the map. Is it an island? Mountains? Are you a pirate? An adventurer? Make up a story, either at the beginning, or along the way.

Step 2: Ready, Set, DRAW! ...and Name

Draw out landmarks, for this map I made it a mountain range with a forest, river, and a bay. It could be anything, any colors, it's whatever world with whatever rules you want. This map is a made up place, but making a map that shows a real place is also fun. Don't forget to come up with some fun names, add a compass rose, and maybe directions/riddles.

My suggestions for landscape would be: trees, rivers, lakes, ocean, waterfall, big rocks, fields of flowers(maybe even poison poppies), mountains, bridges, monsters, quick sand pits, enchanted forests, villages of creatures, and anything you can think of.

Step 3: A Great Ball, and Fire. AKA: Crumple and Burn


To give your map that extra old and tattered look, take it and ball it up. Next smooth it out, this can be done once or repeated multiple times depending on how you want the map to appear.


*Children*: Don't do this without an adult to supervise, or do it for you.

Use a lighter to burn the edges of the map, and maybe part of the map if it's more fun to have the edges missing. For this map it was only crumpled it up once, and holes were burned it the middle in spots.

The map can also be cut/torn in half or thirds and then the edges burned for more of an adventure.

Now it's done and ready to lead you or anyone who wants on a fun magical adventure.

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