Introduction: Chocolate Powerberries

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I recently tried Trader Joe's dark chocolate Powerberries- a blend of superfruits encased in dark chocolate. The ingredients were listed, so I decided to try my hand. Though not quite as store-able or visually appealing as the original, I think you'll find this copycat recipe captures the essence and flavor!

Blueberry concentrate*
Pomegranate concentrate*
Cranberry concentrate*
Acai concentrate*
Dark chocolate

*As you can see in my ingredients picture, I used various methods for obtaining concentrate. Where I had access to fresh fruit, I made fruit concentrate (here's how). When there was pure, 100% juice available, I used the same instructable (the freezing method). The acai, I could only find in blended juices. However, Whole Foods sells a freeze-dried powder which I used instead.

  1. Mix juice. The proportions I used: 1/4 cup each blueberry, pomegranate, and cranberry concentrates; 1 tablespoon acai.
  2. Make gummies according to my gummies Instructable. Pour them as small as possible into molds, or pour thinly into a rectangular pan and cut them apart into little chunks. Probably the chunk method works best- the ones I put in molds came out thin and wide, which made them difficult to embed in chocolates. Don't coat them in sugar or corn starch after removing them from molds.
  3. Heat dark chocolate in a double boiler. (About one bar of chocolate should cover enough candies to fill a Ziploc bag.)
  4. When chocolate is sufficiently melted, pour it into lightly greased molds(I recommend a mold for break-apart hard candy, the hexagonal mold shown) . Do not fill the molds completely! Do a little at a time (on my mold, a couple of rows at once), then press a chunk of powerberry gummy into the middle. Use your finger to pat some of the chocolate over the top to cover it. (This will be messy.)
  5. Cool in the refrigerator for a short while, until chocolate is firm.
  6. Carefully remove from molds. Eat! Or store in refrigerator.

They aren't quite as pretty as the Trader Joe's version, but they're definitely delicious, and ..arguably healthy? We'll settle for: you know exactly what goes in them, so make your own nutrition facts.

Enjoy! Eat responsibly.

I also made some dark chocolate "Power Stars" with a lot more gummy to chocolate! They're in the last picture.

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