Introduction: ChopSticks Minis

Who can deny how cute mini anything is? I love for tiny cute things moved me to create chopsticks but about 1/4th the size of normal chopsticks.

Please enjoy this fun little adventure of the world of minis.

Step 1: Cutting Your Pieces of Wood to Size.

When doing this its best to cut the wood about double the size you'd want your chopsticks to be. After all the sanding you end up doing, they end up a lot smaller then you'd think.

You can use round wood or squared as i have.

Step 2: Preparing for Resin

Take some clear tape and wrap around the top of both the cut down soon to be chopsticks.

Do this to both sticks.

Step 3: Secure the Mold

Once you've taped your sticks creating the mold you want to secure them with hot glue.

Glue around all of your seams of the tap. Doing this makes the mold not leak.

Tip: Glue half on the seams half on the wood. This really makes the molds seams tight reducing leaks.

Step 4: Pigment and Resin

Before you mix the resin mixture add the pigment to a container first then mix. You don't have to use pigment but it does give your chopsticks a nice way to stand out.

Tip: Remember a little goes a long way. the more pigment the darker the mixture and less detail.

Into your pigment or none pigment start with the hardener before the epoxy. The ratio is one to one.

Tip: There is no hurry so don't rush, mix slowly this keeps air little bubbles out giving you the best glass look once poured and hardened.

Step 5: Pour and Wait

Tip: The slower you go the less of a mess it is later to clean up also for safety. Remember resin is a chemical that can have some not very pleasing health effects.

Pour SLOWLY into your molds. Once poured tape the sticks standing up and wait the whole 24 hours before removing the molds and beginning the sanding.

Step 6: The Wait Is Over! Time to Shape.

Begin unwrapping the molds starting with the hot glue. It is going to be sticky. You can use a small knife if needed like i did to help the get the molds off completely. If your molds don't come off all the way don't worry we still have sanding to do!

Step 7: Just Keep Sanding

Tip: once again remember to breath. It takes a long time to sand but hand sanding brings the best outcome!

I used a sander machine and sanded a little more then i should have. Hand sanding is very time consuming but it brings the best outcome. Just keep sanding until you have your chop sticks the way you want them. I started out square and ended up rounded but that's okay.

Step 8: Enjoy

It's going to feel like you've just spent years completing something you thought would take a few hours but the joy of seeing your hard work is truly amazing. Enjoy the world of minis and enjoy your chopsticks. It takes a few tries to make them perfect and after doing it once its hard to wanna do it again. I hope you had as much fun as i did!