Introduction: Chou-chou

How wonderful handmade things are! You can make the following hair accessory easily. It is a chou-chou and suits "Yukata".

Step 1: Collect Materials and Tools.

Please prepare cloth, elastic bands, scissors, a measure, a pen, needles and thereads.

Step 2: Cut Cloth.

First, you should cut the cloth into large piece. Next, you have to draw a line on the cloth with a pen. The size of the cloth is 15cm×50cm.

After it, cut the cloth along the line that you drew.

Step 3: Cut Elastic Bands.

You cut elastic bands. The size of it is 20cm. You had better cut it with the other people. With the other people, you can cut it easily. Also, you should mark the linealong which cut off with a pen before you cut it.

Step 4: Sew Cloth.

Put together the shorter of the edge of the cloth. After that, put the seam of the cloth in front of you.

Once you complete the work, gather the edge of the cloth.

Then, sew the borders of the cloth. When you can’t sew anymore, you pinch the inside of the cloth. You out it from inside. However, you leave the 2cm from the edge because you through an elastic band.

Step 5: Through an Elastic Band.

You through an elastic band among the cloth which had sewn. Then, you had better use stabbing. If you use it, you can finish this step easily.

Step 6: Sew Cloth Again.

Sew the cloth which you didn't sew at step 4. Now it is done!

Step 7: Hair Styling.

Brush your hair and tie your hair back on the side. Next, put on the chou-chou which you made.

Do you know "Yukata"? Yukata is one of the traditional clothing in Japan. If you make this hair accessory with cloth which is Japanese pattern like this photograph, it will suits Yukata very well.

Step 8: Conclusion

This is how you make a handmade hair accessory. We made this accessory with old cloth. If you make handmade goods from the old things that you don't use , it leads reduce the amount of garbage. Recycling has a lot of advantage and please try making handmade goods like this!

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