Introduction: Christmas Advent Calendar

This is a Christmas Advent calendar. Have fun building!

Step 1: Things You'll Need :

A box
Duct tape or packing tape or glue
X-acto knife
Paper ( optional )
Little craft pom-poms ( optional )
Little toys or candies for each day on the calender

Step 2: Start

Cut the cardboard box into four pieces each side is a piece ( not including the top and bottom but keep these on ).

Step 3: Cutting the Cardboard

Cut the skinny piece into two pieces each about 3 inches each ( you can make them bigger or smaller depending on what you plan on putting in the calendar). 

Step 4: X-acto Knife

On one of the big cardboard pieces cut 25 doors out  with an x-acto knife ( it may help if you draw an outline for each door with a pencil ). Make sure you leave the left side attached so that the door can open and close. You can make the doors all the same size or some can be bigger and others small.

Step 5: Building the Box

Tape or glue the two small 3" cardboard pieces to the sides of the piece with the doors.
Then use the 4th cardboard piece ( the second big one ) and glue or tape it to the back.
Using the 5th piece cut a 3" piece that will fit on the top ( you may need to cut it and make it shorter ) and then make another for the bottom.
Attach the bottom and top piece with tape or glue.

Step 6: Step 5 Painting

Paint the doors any color you like. You can also paint the area around the doors.

Step 7: Doorknobs

Glue on the little pom-poms around where the door opens. ( you can just make dabs of glue if you not a fan of the pom-poms ).
Tape candies or toys to the back of the box and close door. ( you can also write a little message on the inside of the door if you want )

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