Introduction: Christmas Colors Ugly Hat

How to make a simple ugly hat to go with your ugly sweater for Christmas.


Baseball cap

pipe cleaners (red, green)

tissue paper(red,green)



Step 1:

The first step is to wrap your hat of choice with a layer of tissue paper. You can do this any way you want but I personally tried to get a striped pattern. To do this I just used tape since I wasn't super worried about my ugly hat showing a little tape.

Step 2:

My second step was to make a small topper. I did this by taking 6 pipe cleaners and twisting them together at their ends in an alternating pattern. I was also planning on adding some battery powered led's but sadly I couldn't seem to find any of the lights i used to have.

Step 3: Final Step Enjoy

Now all you need is to put the topper on your hat. I did this with tape again and put the topper to where its striped pattern went opposite to the tissue papers pattern. Now just enjoy your ugly hat

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