Introduction: Christmas Countdown Blocks

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This tutorial shows you how to make countdown blocks for the holiday season!

See the full video tutorial: Youtube @CarlyKeller

Step 1: Gather Supplies & Stain Wood Pieces

Gather your supplies:


Transfer Tape:



Sanding block Wood blocks are from Michaels

Cricut Explore Air:
Cricut Standard Mat:

Give your wood a good sanding

Stain your wood pieces (I did two coats on the bigger pieces and only one on the small blocks)

Step 2: Paint the Backgrounds

Paint the wood backgrounds using regular acrylic paint (I did the larger piece white and the medium red)

Step 3: Create Your Stencils in Cricut Design Space

Create your stencils in Cricut Design Space (see video for more info or find me on Patreon @carlykeller for a link)

Numbers for blocks:


012678 (the 6 is used as a 9)

Weed and cut your stencils so they can be placed on each wood surface

Step 4: Apply Your Stencils and Paint

Apply your stencils making sure the right numbers go on each corresponding block

Carefully, paint over your stencils using two coats of paint (I used red on top of the white and white on top of the red block)

Step 5: Voila!

Yay! Your project is complete!


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