Introduction: Christmas Star Using Paper


This instructable is an easy and a fun way to make a Christmas star only with paper.


1) Paper

2) Glue

3) Scissors

4) Thread or Ribbon

Step 1: Making Paper Bags

In order to make a star, we need at least 7 paper bags.

Take a rectangular piece of paper and in the shorter side of the rectangle fold it to almost three-fourth the page. Then the remaining one-fourth part of paper is folded so that half of it is over the first fold and glue it.

In the adjacent side of the paper, fold the paper to one-fourth the page.

In the folded part, push the edges inward to form two triangular shapes in the page.

Take the outer half parts of the triangles and fold it three-fourths over the other half.

Then fold the inside part till the end of the paper and glue it.

Pop the bag open. Make sure the bottom is completely closed off and that there are no gaps in the glued edges. In the smaller sides of the bag, fold the side-creases inward to create a slight accordion effect.

Step 2: Stacking Paper Bags

Stack and stick all the paper bags one above the other. Cut the stack of paper bags in the edges as shown in the picture above.

Step 3: Setting Up the Star

Stick one end of the stack to the other end to create a star. Hang the star using ribbon/thread glued on the star.

Enjoy a bright Christmas star in your house!!

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