Introduction: Air Pump for Aquarium

A temporary energy free air pump for aquariums with just household items. This pumps air for 2-3 hours and can be reset easily.


1) Two Plastic Bottles with their Caps
2) A Plastic tube of 10 cm

Step 1: Gluing and Drilling the Caps

Glue the caps together, the open sides facing opposite directions.
Drill a small hole on the caps

Step 2: Drilling Holes in the Bottles

On one bottle, drill a hole on the top part and in the other, drill a hole near the bottom.

Step 3: Attaching the Tube to the Bottle

On the bottle with the hole in the top, insert the tube, glue it and seal it.

Step 4: Final Set-up

In the bottle with the hole in the bottom, fill water with your hand blocking the hole to prevent leakage
Cap it, invert it and cap it on the other bottle as shown.
Place the tube in the tank and you will see the pump pumping air bubbles.

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