Introduction: Christmas Tree ATmega (arduino)

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Christmas Tree ATmega (arduino)

Step 1: What We Need ?

1x atmega (328-168-88-48-8) smd now im use atmega48

11x Led 5630 smd

11x resistor 20 ohm (size 1206) smd

1x Micro USB Female

1x pcb

1x capacitor 16v 10uf smd

3d printer
one arduino uno or nano or ... (have com port usb)

hot air soldering

solder paste uv light for color pcb (Blue UV SOLDEER PCB)

Step 2: Make Pcb

print pdf file pcb on glossy paper .

Step 3: Pcb Iron

After printing on glossy paper and then Iron the Circuit from the Paper onto the PCB Plate.

Step 4: Pcb to Acid

after pcb in acid clean color with alcohol

Step 5: Pcb Uv Color and Pcb Cuting

Step 6: Pcb Solder Paste

Step 7: Conect Pins to Arduino for Bootloader and Progeram Code

use this

Arduino core for the ATmega328, ATmega168, ATmega88, ATmega48 and ATmega8

Supported microcontrollers:





All variants (A, P, PA and PB)

follow this video


Step 8: File Led for Arduino

use this code

Step 9: Print 3d Files

download files form this link

im use Christmas Tree for Circuit Playground adafruit but edit

Step 10: End

use super glue for pcb