Introduction: LED MAGNET BOX (Light)

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show how work

Step 1: Led Magnet Box 3d Printer

Led Magnet Box 3d Printer

Step 2: What Need

4 X led smd 5050 for Each box

1 X Mini 360 H DC Step Down Power Module Lm2596

1 X slide micro switch 12mm

4 X Neodymium Magnet 8*2mm Circle for Each box

1 X usb micro board

4 X diode IN5819

Step 3:

Step 4: 3d Models

now go this

and download 3d models and print whit abs and you dont need suport for printing

Step 5: Solid Magnets and Use Super Glue and Solid Led

solid magnet

Step 6: Solid Leds

afte solid 4 smd led you can use .

Step 7: Finish

one usb box you can power all magnet box

Step 8: End

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