Introduction: Christmas Tree Sweater

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Making Christmas sweater is a one of my favorite parts of Christmas! This DIY sweater is very cheap and easy to make! The steps are very simple and quick!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this DIY you'll need:

· Green Sweater

· Christmas tree garlands

· Little ornaments of any kind

· Star ornament

· Tape or hot glue gun

· Scissors

Step 2: Gluing the Tree Garlands

Start by placing your sweater on a flat surface. Then take your garlands and your hot glue gun (or tape) and glue it on.

Note: Make sure you have something in the sweater like a piece of cardboard, so you don’t mess up the sweater.

Step 3: Gluing the Christmas Ornaments on

After you have you garlands on, take your ornaments and attach them on however you like.

Note: I did not show you this, but my ornaments came with little hooks to attach them onto the sweater.

Step 4: Show Your Sweater Off

Make sure to show everyone! :D

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