Introduction: A Tree in a Box?

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Last Christmas I made this Christmas Tree to decorate the Music School where I work. It is made from a wood box that had been constructed to transport a sculpture. The local Museum is located just under the Music School so I was seeing this box every day when I went at work. One of those days I asked myself: "Could I made a Christmas Tree from that? Why not?"

Step 1: The Box

This wood box seems to have some lines in two of the corners that if I paint in green... I could make a kind of Christmas Tree!

Step 2: Yes! Here It Is!

I have need only 2 types of green paint, one for the base and another to give a final touch.

But... It seems that something is missing...

Step 3: The Tip and the Star

I used cardboard to construct the tip and the star. To make the star I searched a youtube tutorial but changing paper for carboard and I covered It with glitter foam.

Step 4: Almost Finished...

I painted the cardboard tip in green...

Step 5: Done!

The tip with the star on the top of the box! Now we just need to decorate with balls and lights!

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