Introduction: Chromatic-Geometric Wall Art

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Paper cut wall art is one of my favorite things to do. I love using different shapes and colors for wall art, you can check out these 2 ibles I've posted before. These wall arts have become so popular among my family and friends that I have to make them every now and then. 

However, I tried to recreate the ones I've done before but added a little twist in the colors! These colorful wall arts can transform an empty wall into an artistic one and give your room a new look!  

Step 1: Things You Need

To make these wall art you'll need:
1) White paper,
2) Poster colors or water color,
3) Paint brush,
4) Scissor,
5) Ruler and pencil,
6) White glue.

To frame the wall art you'll need:
1) Hardboard,
2) Wooden pieces,
3) Wood glue,
4) Hammer and nails,
5) Clear polythene sheets,
6) Hanging mechanism. 

Step 2: Coloring

Take a white paper, paint brush, colors (I used poster colors) and a small amount water.

Wet the paper lightly using a wet sponge.

Now start coloring the paper as you want but make sure the color combination is good,

First apply the bright colors and then the dark ones.

Avoid fade, too light colors, the more colorful the better.

Step 3: Cutting Triangles

You can cut any shapes you want but I thought triangles are perfect for geometric art, they look so classy!

Cut the colored papers into stripes (of at least 1 inch width), and then cut them into as many and types of  triangles as you want.

I've basically cut 3 kinds of triangles and I've attached the template in this step.

But you'll have to cut more triangles into manageable sizes if you're going for the random design.

Step 4: Sticking, Designing

Prepare your canvas, I used thick white paper.

Draw borders using pencil (so that you can erase them later) to make sure the triangles don't cross the border (actually I don't like wall arts without borders!)

Simply apply glue at the back of the cut out triangles and stick them on the white paper.

You can start randomly and come up with a design as you go or select a design before you start sticking the triangles.

I've managed to name some of the designs I really liked. It's amazing to see how you can use only the triangles to make sooo many beautiful designs. I've attached 5 designs with step-by-step pictures, I'm sure you'll come up with more amazing designs as you go!

Erase the borders after your done.

Step 5: Framing the Wall Art

You can frame the wall art from a nearby printing shop, local stores or you can always frame it yourself.I always use this simple technique for framing my wall arts which gives the art a nice artistic look.

Here's what you need to do-
Cut out a piece of hardboard of the same size as the wall art, you can use utility knife to cut the hardboard.

4 wooden pieces for the 4 sides of the frame, you'll have to adjust the corners (see picture). Use wood glue to stick the 4 wooden pieces for the corners.

Place the art paper on the hardboard frame (front side) and wrap it with the clear polythene sheets (only the front side). Now use a hammer and some nails to attach the polythene sheet with the frame.

Finally, attach a hanging mechanism with the frame.

I really enjoyed making these geometric wall arts. It gives you more pleasure when you give away these handmade wall arts to your beloved ones, family, friends and others.

Happy Holiday :)

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