Chuck (Angry Birds Silly Hat)

Introduction: Chuck (Angry Birds Silly Hat)

About: Love exploring different media from art to circuity.

Be it small kids or big kids, there is nothing more fun than to dress up looking silly, be it a dress or a simple hat! Its a statement for fun!


Coloured card or paper
Glue (PVA or glue stick!)
Googly eyes (optional)

Step 1: Make a Cone

It's simple, take the top right corner of the paper and roll it till the top left corner just big enough to fit the users head. To hold the shape in place I used a glue stick.

Step 2: Beak

Make another cone similar to step 1 but make it narrow and kinda long, to keep it in place I used PVA Glue.

Step 3: Eyes 👀

Make a circle and draw a circle big enough for the eyes, then cut the circle in half, cut 2 strips of brown paper for the eyes, I used cardboard to make mine.

Step 4: Hair and Feathers

I made the hair in 2 sizes, I began by cutting a black piece of paper into smaller strings at a random size and made another.

Roll the 2 pieces together and use PVA to hold it in place. Finally cut 1cm of the top pointy cone and insert the hair with more PVA.

Feathers would be a nice touch!

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