Introduction: Circuit Bend the DS-1

Here is a 'follow up' to another DS-1 modding instructable. Those of you who are part of the circuitbending movement, or those just getting into it, will love the crazy sounds you can get by modding the pedal!

I'll admit, this is definatley NOT a mod for everyone, I just happen to think its a great beginner project and you can get some really funky sounds, some even can sound like an octave pedal.

I suggest you check the soundclips before you attempt these mods!

I hate the DS-1 pedal but you know what they say, a wall of noise is the best way to end shows! There are about four different bends, but five are listed. This is because A seems to be exactly the same as E, but it has been listed as two different mods before so there may be a difference. Disassemble the DS-1 so you can easily see the back of the circuit board and continue to step 1.

Step 1: Performing the Mod and Adding a Switch (optional)

What you need to do is solder a wire to the 'base position'. This wire is where all the variations are soldered to (see reference diagram) and solder another to one of the different positions, A through to E. Each one has a different sound!

If you want to add a switch, solder one wire to the base position and to the middle lug of an spdt switch. Then solder a wire to a point (A-E) and the other end to either the right or left lug of the switch, this way, you can toggle between having the mod on and off incredibly easily!

Step 2: Soundclips

Here are some soundclips of the various mods in action:
Variation A
Variation B
Variation C - Couldn't record a clip, it has a cool fading effect, but didn't hold the notes long enough to make a good recording with my setup
Variation D
Variation E