Introduction: Circular Cardboard Color Creator

This is a simple project that could keep kids entertained or be an addition to a artists collection of tools. This works by the motor spinning, the cardboard is mounted on the top and the user just needs a pen of some sort and can draw all kinds of patterns. You could even get some ink and drop it onto the piece of cardboard. Make sure that you have covered anything that could get wrecked if ink gets on it.

NOTICE: I have used paper to show the drawing better but it could be used with anything that would work like cardboard or paper.


  • Old (Can Be New) Computer Fan
  • Masking Tape
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • 12V Power-supply

Step 1: Marking and Cutting

I used my masking tape roll to mark a circle but you could use anything that is round and is a reasonable size. You then need to cut it out.

Step 2: Putting It Together

Get a bit of masking tape and roll it so it is effectively double sided (Or you could use thin double sided tape). Put it on the center of the fan and stick the cardboard on top (Centered as possible). The flip it over and put some more tape going from the fins to the cardboard. Add some more of your home made double sided tape to the top and stick the paper on top of that.

NOTICE: The thicker the tape the more uneven the drawing will be.

Step 3: Using It

All you need to do now is get some sort of a 12v power-supply and power up the fan and get some pens, pencils or markers and draw while it is spinning. Be careful when removing your artwork because it may rip.

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