Introduction: Circular Wall Hanging

Wondering how to make this statement wall piece? It's very easy, let's get started!

First, grab your hoop and wrap tweed around the hoop once. After that, keep repeating the process clockwise about every inch. When you get to where you started, loop the thread through the middle and around each opening to sinch the center. Tie it and now you're ready to start!


  • Any type of yarn ( a mix between thick and thin is best)
  • Embroidery Hoop (I used a 10 in)
  • Tweed

Step 1: Types of Weaves

Here is a close up of the finished product. This shows all the different types of weaves used to make this. We have the Plain Weave, the Soumak (Braid) Weave, Rya Knots, the Hem Stitch, the Pile Weave (not shown in this picture), the Twill Weave, Weft Facing Weave and lastly, the Chain Weave.

Step 2: Begin

Wrap the thinnest piece of yarn in the middle, weaving through the back of the hoop to the front of the next tweed string. Use the tweed as a guide to how you create your artwork and don't be afraid to add different textures. In the photo, I used two pieces of string and tied them a few times to create the shag.

Step 3: Get Creative!

Weaving doesn't have to stay in a circular motion! Decide if you want to accentuate a shape by only weaving on specific tweed lines. I weaved on only two tweed lines to block off where I wanted the blue to stop.

Step 4: Fill In

As you fill in, you can also experiment with creating shapes through "outlining" one weave with a second colored yarn all the way around it.

Step 5: Done!

And just like that, you're done! Weaving is a very easy and repetitive process but it doesn't take long to do! They make great gifts and home goods.

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