Introduction: Clark Kent Halloween Costume From Scratch

If you are looking for a fun easy costume, this is perfect. I received a ton of compliments on this costume for the creativity. The good news is that you should have most of the supplies already.


Super-man shirt (long sleeve or short sleeve)
White collared shirt
Black dress pants
Tie (preferably solid black)
Eye glasses
Black dress shoes (optional)
Black dress socks (optional)

Step 1: Super-man Shirt (long Sleeve or Short Sleeve Works)

Put on a super-man shirt. Long sleeve or short sleeve works for this costume. You might want it a little small so a nice collared shirt can fit over it.

Step 2: White Collared Shirt

Put the white collared shirt over your super-man shirt and leave the last couple of buttons undone so you can see the super-man shirt.

Step 3: Black Dress Pants

Put the black dress pants on. Use a black or brown belt if the pants are loose.

Step 4: Solid Black Tie

Put the tie on over your collared shirt but leave it loose so that it looks like you are changing into super-man.

Step 5: Black Dress Socks (optional)

Put on the dress socks.

Step 6: Black Dress Shoes (optional)

Put the black dress shoes on over your black dress socks.

Step 7: Eye Glasses

Put the eye glasses on.

Step 8: Your Finished!!!

Congratulations you have made your own Clark Kent Halloween costume.

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