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Classroom organisation is the best tool to involve your students in establishing useful classroom routines. This STUDENT TRACKER CHART is a great way to display student's presence and absence in the classroom and in the school campus in a well organised and attractive manner.

Being a teacher I also face some problems in the classroom. One of the problem I face entering into a class is being unaware of the students who are the out of the class. So, I thought to make this TRACKER CHART so that every teacher in the class can track the position of the student. I have 25 kids in my class. I made two sections, one for total number of present students on each day (using green colour), which can further be placed on different positions on the chart if they are out of the class. Another one is Absent section (using red colour)which can't be further placed into other position (As they are not in the school). The most common and favourite places of students are Washroom, Medical Infirmary (MI Room), Library. Sometimes students are out of the class with permission. They can be out practicing some activity or competition/Olympiad or some half day sick leave. The OTHER box will have sticks of these students along with the signed note of concerned authority.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1. Acrylic colours of your choice.

2. Popsicles sticks.

3. A4 sized Felt Sheet of different colours.

4. Scissor.

5. Black chart paper.

6. Thin brush.

7. Pen for writing the text.

Step 2: Brighten Up the Sticks

Paint the Popsicle sticks using small brush and acrylic colours.

Step 3: Write Name of Students on Stick

Using black permanent marker write the name of students of the whole class on the coloured sticks.

Step 4: Make Envelops

1. Take a Felt sheet of A4 size.

2. Fold the sheet and start marking 16 inch from one end.

3. Cut the marked line at one end.

4. Using compass draw an arc from one edge of the folded sheet to another edge.

5. Cut the marked arc.

6. Glue all the ends of the envelope leaving the curved opening.

7. Make such six envelopes of different colour.

Step 5: Prepare Your Chart

1. Take a black chart paper for the base and give any title to the chart using Red acrylic colour and a brush.

2. Mention position on each envelope.

Step 6: And You Are Done !!!

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