Introduction: Claw Car Machine Project: Scorpion X11T-2

Hello, there. Are you ready to make a Claw Car Machine? If so, WARNING!!! This project is not innovative, and must use other products and codes to construct the final project. Thanks you.



1x MBot kit (you can buy it on Fry Electronic)

1x Vex Gear Racer kit (you can buy this at Michael)

1x DIY Sunfounder Robotic Arm kit (you can buy it from Amazon)



Glue Sticks (the one inserted in hot glue guns)

Hot Glue Gun

4x AA Batteries

1x CR025 Button Cell

2x 18650 Lithium Ion batteries

Step 1: Buy These Products

The first Step is to buy these products or else, you cannot make what you want to make. You can order these products from Amazon. The place where you can buy these kits are stated in the material list.

Step 2: Follow the Instructions (MakerBot Kit)

In the MBot Kit, there are instructions on how to build the MBot. You must follow these instructions to build one of the components of the Scorpion X11T-2. Stop at Rule 16 for modifying the MBot, so that you can take the battery container out easier and there is more space to put your fingers into the place.

Step 3: Modifying the MBot

To modify the MBot, you screw in four M4 x 25mm Brass Studs into each Brass Studs that are on the MBot and then, do Step 16 to screw in four M4 x 8mm Screws on top of the mCore.

Step 4: Inputing the MakeBlock Library and the Arduino Code (optional)

Go to

Press the package to download it.

Download Arduino IDE.

Go to Include Library -> Add ZIP.Library -> select the library.

Then, go to examples -> MakerBlockDrive -> Ultrasonic Sensor Test.

Plug in USB, make sure your serial port is arduino uno, and verify the code, then input it into your Mbot.

Step 5: Follow the Instructions (VEX Gear Racer Kit)

Instructions are provided in the Kit. Skip pages until you are at page 24. Continue from page 24. Do not make the lever because the gears are not essential for this project. The same with the rubber bands. You just need the car base because that will hold the claw and allows it to roll!

Step 6: Follow the Instructions (Sunfounder Robotic Arm Kit)

The instructions are provided in the kit, but the information for assembly is provided in this website:

Download the PDF for assembly.

Download the into the online Arduino editor ( you need to make an account first and do not put it the ribbons to wrap the battery holder because you will not be able to take out the holder).

Then, type in the code as shown in the Arduino code with four tabs.

Verify it (There can be errors sometimes).

Then, input it into the claw using either the serial port arduino uno or arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560.

Step 7: Making 3D Components

Use these exports to make your 3D Components.

Step 8: Add Cardboard to Make It Stylish

Glue the bigger 3D model onto the mcore with a hot glue gun and screw in a M4 x 8mm Screw at the end of the mbot with the smaller, multi-holes 3D model (there are two types of 3D models). Use paper clips into one of the hole (the outer hole) of the 3D model to attach to other paper clips that form a line that loop along the gap of the Vex gear racer mount that is attached. Use the pictures as reference to making the scorpion design and attaching the claw on the Vex gear racer mount.Use scissors to cut the cardboard to make the necessary item. The pictures are upside down.

Step 9: Test Your Project.

I hope it works for the best of time.


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