Introduction: Clay Flowerpot Bread/ Camping Bread

Been on one of those camping trips where mum wouldn't lend you a pan because it would get burnt and charred after cooking in the open fires? Well this a a simple flowerpot bread you can use to cook on open fires giving the bread a great BBQ flavor.

Things you will need:

a small clay Flowerpot,

some oil

aluminium foil

bread dough....a readymade bread mix, or with added in herbs or any bread dough you like.

I used white flour, yeast and a tad salt.

If you have made the dough let the dough rise for 2-4 hrs.

Step 1: Preparing the Pot.

wash the pot with water.

In a few minutes when it is dry apply a generous layer of oil on the whole inner surface of the pot.This oil will be absorbed immediately. Apply second coat.

The base of the pot has a hole!!!! place a small bit of tin foil on it.Coat this foil with oil too.

Step 2:

The base of the pot has a hole!!!! place a small bit of tin foil on it.Coat this foil with oil too.

Step 3:

drop in the fluffed up dough. Make sure that it doesn't cross the bottom 1/3 of the pot.

Gently brush the dough surface with oil.

Step 4:

take a sheet of la foil and cover the the top -not flat but slightly dome shaped, leaving room for the risen bread-top.

Step 5: Baking

Pack this prepared pot and off to the fire. Place the pot onto the hot coals- be it in the camping fire or the BBQ grill at home doesn't make a difference. You can simultaneously place the grill and grill the meat or whatever.

in around 20 minutes( depending on the heat produced you will start smelling the baked bread. the bread is ready now

Step 6: Treating Yourself!

get the hot flowerpot out of the coal using tongs.

wait for it to cool a bit. Pull off the foil.

The bread has a nice hard crust formed.

Wait for it to completely cool. If you are impatient and pul out the bread now it will stick to the pot , however if you show patience it will leave the edges on its own.

Step 7:

The fluffy and tasty bread is now ready to be eaten.

Bon Appetite!

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